Caliber Collision

Facilitating proactive communication during the service journey

is the nation’s largest collision center and auto body repair network. They partnered with us to help them understand their customers’ drivers, needs, and desires, uncovering opportunities to improve the service experience for the customer and employee alike.

Beginning with contextual qualitative research to understand consumer values and the competitive landscape, this work articulates the overall experience for drivers and forms the foundation for user experience and platform development that supports a range of possible Caliber touch-points and service engagements.

In one phase of this work, we explored future user experience scenarios for the implementation of Caliber’s mobile application, creating not only the information architecture and UI, but also envisioning how this would integrate with drivers’ everyday lives. In other phases, we built upon the work of internal cross-functional teams during the pandemic, developing customer experience journey maps and service blueprints, while envisioning opportunities that show how the ideal driver journey might look and feel in the future.

Our experience strategy for Caliber is based not only on driver research, but also on interviews with teammates and insurance adjusters, creating a holistic snapshot of the Caliber experience.

Beyond merely solving pain-points and filling gaps, Caliber’s new customer service initiatives both challenge the industry in future-forward ways and, together, create an evolved experience for Caliber, inspiring trust by making complex processes simple.


Laura Susana Tort Ayala
Chiranit Prateepasen
Michelle Tsay
Heather Offermann
Camila Gascon
Rashina Bhula
Jen Ashman-Stauss
Erica Liu
Lee Moreau