MIT Horizon

Helping professionals understand and apply new technologies

connects leading professionals with the latest in cutting-edge technology, distilled into bite-sized pieces. They collaborated with Other Tomorrows to understand how to help their learners apply what they were studying and to help grow their broader educational offering.

Initially, our team deeply immersed in the Horizons experience, as well as in existing research and insights from the customer experience and sales team. We then conducted qualitative field interviews, stakeholder interviews, and secondary research to holistically understand the needs, values, and behaviors of current (and future) Horizon users and customers.

During synthesis, we defined strategic directions for future envisioning and development, and identified a series of key initiatives that could structure the year’s technology development roadmap. With that structure and knowledge-base, we envisioned future Horizon experiences to help to make the strategy tangible and shareable for our team and for MIT’s Open Learning leadership.

To help bring the strategic direction to life, in collaboration with the Product, Editorial, Sales, and Development teams, we have begun to build an end-to-end experiential prototype that connects the key touch-points within the future Horizon experience. This prototype will be launched in mid-2022.


Kyle Wing
Jen Ashman-Stauss
Monique Fuchs
Lee Moreau