MIT Superminds

Catalyzing a design methodology with a new visual brand

Beginning in 2019, Other Tomorrows began a collaboration with the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT to help it explore ways to expand the reach and relevance of Superminds. Out of this collaboration came a new brand and visual identity.

For some time, many societies have understood human and artificial intelligence in competition with one another—perhaps even in an adversarial relationship—but this new way of thinking seeks to integrate groups of people and computers to form Superminds, or collectively intelligent systems that demonstrate human intelligence. For humanity to face its toughest challenges in the future, it will need to form organizations that work together with the most powerful technologies available (rather than compete against them).

Based on the ideas and vision of Tom Malone, the Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management at MIT Sloan, Supermind Design is a generative design methodology for organizational thinking that uses conceptual ‘moves’ to increase the chances of creating new, unconventional forms of Superminds. By ideating in this way, it shifts how we approach problem-solving in a group format and is a complement to other design approaches such as design thinking, participatory design, etc. The Supermind Design methodolgy is intended to be used by a broad range of people, from consultants to managers, thought leaders, and students who are interested in ideating in a new way. Because the brand is associated with MIT, it creates a unique positioning opportunity, one that needs to balance academic credibility with ingenuity.

To build more awareness and help the future growth of this intellectual movement, we created a flexible communication system that could both be used by internal teams and that could easily be propagated to the broader organizational design community. We then built out the visual system and developed the design for their website, primer assets, digital presentations, and other tools.

The brand direction communicates the relationships of groups of people and computing power working together in new ways. Visually, it demonstrates the idea of “collectives” through iconic shapes that combine and intersect in different ways to form new compositional relationships.

The Supermind Design Primer is a print-at-home guide that explains the methodology and breaks down how each of the ‘moves’ work. Designed to be easy digestible, it presents each “move” through an icon system that is carried through the entire system.


Marisa Bohlmann
Lee Moreau