Empowering a pandemic-pivot with a new brand presence

is a delivery-only “ghost kitchen” restaurant concept that is built to serve the world’s greatest comfort food and, of course, love. Other Tomorrows partnered with founders Marisa Iocco and Francesco Iacovitti to bring this new brand to life and to launch its first kitchen in Providence.

The restaurant industry has clearly struggled during the pandemic. According to a report from the Harvard Business School, 1 in 6 restaurants (representing nearly 100,000 locations in the United States) closed in 2020, with over 3,000,000 employees losing their jobs. Smaller, independent restaurants found the cost and complexity of implementing new infection prevention protocols during the pandemic to be particularly challenging. In cities like Boston, where the virus spread unchecked during the initial outbreak, the change to typical dining patterns has been significant and previous behaviors appear to have been altered forever.

If you look beyond the crisis, however…or simply look at it a different way…there is also hope. Other Tomorrows found hope in the form of an incredibly talented and inventive chef, Marisa Iocco. While her fine dining restaurant in the Boston suburb of Needham grappled with the realities of the pandemic, with revenue dropping by over 80%, undaunted she began working with her partner Francesco Iacovitti on a new concept called Polpettiamo that would be perfectly suited to the moment. The result was a simple vision to celebrate one of the most iconic and versatile Italian foods: the meatball.

The resulting concept is a delivery-only “ghost kitchen” built to serve the world’s greatest comfort food and, of course, love. The name Polpettiamo literally translates to “meatball love”, but it means so much more than that. It also can be translated as “the act of making meatballs together”. Either way, the brand and the name are founded on the idea of sharing and celebrating.

Polpettiamo’s mission is to bring Italian cuisine to American tables with great care and respect for our planet, cooking traditional recipes with a modern perspective and fresh local ingredients, while delivering the menu to its customers in fully sustainable packaging.

While we aren’t yet convinced that meatballs are going to change the world, we believe that they can certainly do their part. For now, we’re thrilled to have helped create a platform for Marisa and Francesco to share their passion of food in a way that is safe, playful, and delicious.


Elisa Di Nofa
Federica Bagini
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Marisa Iocco
Francesco Iacovitti
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