Vueling Airlines

Fostering organizational drive towards a collective vision

Other Tomorrows collaborated with the Transformation team of Barcelona-based Vueling Airlines to create an internal communications campaign intended to help broadcast the organization’s mission and build enthusiasm for internal initiatives sponsored by the executive team.

Leveraging Vueling’s established brand standards, Other Tomorrows conceived and designed a campaign to work across various touchpoints; including posters, wall graphics, vinyl stickers, presentation templates, and other novel expressions. Intended to engage thousands of employees at all levels of the organization, this internal campaign was meant to encourage and inspire participation in Vueling’s efforts to innovate and grow the operation, while also acknowledging the significant headwinds posed by the ongoing pandemic.

The campaign features a continuous line that represents progress and connects all people, departments, spaces, and the destinations that Vueling Airlines serves across Europe. The line is not always simple and linear—and it doesn’t go without disruption—but it’s always moving Vueling Airlines toward the future.

After the campaign’s graphic system was established, our team shifted into the development, production, and deployment of the completed communication elements and collateral. In addition to environmental graphics and printed collateral, the official launch experience of the campaign was at a summit for Vueling’s leadership and senior employees in Barcelona in September 2021. During this workshop-style event, our Transform campaign’s communication tools and event experience brought to life Vueling’s mission, vision, and values, along with 19 key strategic initiatives that were central to supporting the overall effort. An accompanying post-summit campaign is helping to shift the focus of Vueling Transform from “thinking to doing”, by cascading these materials across the organization through smaller workshops with individual functional teams.


Pete Strutt
Lee Moreau

Kyle Predki

Heather Natasha Figallo
Karina Perez Di Silvestre
Pedro Jose Larriba Forcada
Andrea Aponte Arias
Maria José Adamuz Pena
Marta Zamorano Espinosa
Luisa Lopez Sancha